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- (hyphen) 2nd
" (quotation marks) 2nd
# ( pound sign)
#Error code
& (ampersand) 2nd
' (apostrophe)
( ) (parentheses)
        function parameters and
        functions and
        math operations and
        subroutines and
        modules and 2nd
        XML tags and
* (asterisk)
        delete queries
        inserting records
        required fields and
        selecting fields for queries
        validating text
+ (plus sign) 2nd
        conditions and
        Input Mask wizard
        ready-made masks
        Visual Basic editor and
3-D charts
: ( colon )
; (semicolon)
        email addresses and
        input masks and
        SQL and
< ( less-than sign) 2nd
<> (angle brackets)
        assignment statements and
        conditions and
        expressions and
        not-equal-to operator 2nd
        XML tags
> (greater-than sign) 2nd
? (question mark)
[] (square brackets)
        functions and
        spaces in field names 2nd
\ (backslash) 2nd

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