Adding an MClass Mastering Suite

Reason 3.0 introduces four new mastering effects, which can be used separately or loaded together by creating an MClass Mastering Suite Combi.

Loading the devices together is recommended when you're starting out, since it chains the effects together in the right order and contains useful parameter routings for the rotary knobs and buttons. And since it's really a special type of Combinator, the master controls will already look familiar.

To create an MClass Mastering Suite


Open the song you want to master.


Select the hardware interface and choose Create > MClass Mastering Suite Combi.

This will insert your tools at the very end of the signal chain between the final mixed output of your song and the hardware interface (Figure 11.1).

Figure 11.1. An MClass Mastering Suite sits at the end of the signal chain, between the Mixer and the audio interface.


In the devices area of the Mastering Combinator, find the MClass Maximizer at the bottom and set the Bypass switch in its upper-left corner to Bypass.


Set the MClass Compressor and MClass Stereo Imager to Bypass, but leave the MClass Equalizer set to On, as we'll explore that in the next section.

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