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    to previously matched substrings, conditional expressions and 
    to text captured earlier in pattern 
base classes 
base_convert( ) function 
base64_decode( ) function 
base64_encode( ) function 
basename( ) function  2nd 
BCMath library 
Bé;zier curve, drawing 
Benchmark class 
benchmarking performance 
bin2hex( ) function 
binary operators 
    arithmetic, implicit casting rules 
bindec( ) function 
bitwise operators 
    and thumbnails in PDF documents 
    Word, manipulating with PHP COM 
boolean data type 
    casting operator 
box for PDF text 
break keyword 
break statements
    in do/while loops 
    in for loops 
    in switch statements 
    in while loops 
breaking strings into smaller components 
    caching response pages for get requests 
    filenames sent for file uploads, distrusting 
    information about 
    sending file contents to 
    sending PDF files to 
buffering output  2nd 
    erasing data 
    flushing buffers 
    in error handlers 
    PDF data 
    setting file buffer size 
built-in constructs, case-insensitivity in names 
built-in functions 
buttons, dynamically generated 
bzip2 compression 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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