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C/C++ languages
    C++ comments 
    C-language PHP extensions 
        architectural overview 
        command-line PHP 
        config.m4 file 
        creating variables 
        developers mailing list 
        external dependencies 
        function return values 
        global variables 
        INI entries 
        memory management functions 
        parameter handling 
        PHP source code, downloading latest 
        pval/zval data type 
        skeleton extension, creating and fleshing out 
        software tools 
    C-language string encoding 
    dynamically generated buttons 
    Opcode cache systems 
    response pages for GET requests 
    reverse proxy 
calendar library 
    ICAP extension 
    MCAL extension 
call_user_func( ) function 
call_user_method( ) function 
call_user_method_array( ) function 
callback functions
    ob_gzhandler( ) 
    rewrite( ) 
calling functions 
    variable function call 
capturing in regular expressions 
    inline flags and 
    non-capturing groups 
carriage returns, testing string for 
case labels in statements 
case, changing for strings 
    converting to lowercase before comparing 
    in class names 
    in function names 
    in pattern matching 
        eregi_replace( ) 
    in regular expression matches  2nd  3rd  4th 
    in keywords 
    in PHP 
    in PHP identifiers 
    in regular expressions 
    implicit, of operand types 
    in string comparisons with == operator 
    in string comparisons with comparison operators 
    operators for 
CCITT image format in PDF files 
ceil( ) function 
CGI specification for environment variables 
    if statements 
character classes 
    in Perl-style regular expressions 
    in POSIX-style regular expressions 
character data handler (XML) 
character encoding
    option for xmlrpc_server_call_method( ) 
    PDF, mapping onto font characters 
    XML parser option 
character sets and encodings, Recode library for conversions 
    comparing strings for similar 
    last occurrence of character in a string 
    minimum number specifier (printf( ) format modifier) 
    sequences of  [See strings]
        in regular expressions 
        in shell commands 
    whitespace, stripping from strings 
chdir( ) function 
check_privileges( ) function 
checkdate( ) function 
checkdnsrr( ) function 
    mhash library 
    validating credit-card numbers with 
chgrp( ) function 
chmod( ) function 
chop( ) function 
chown( ) function 
chr( ) function 
chroot( ) function 
chunk_split( ) function 
class keyword 
class methods 
    PEAR DB library 
class_exists( ) function  2nd 
    case-insensitivity in names 
    defined, getting names of 
    examining with introspective functions 
    functions for 
    getting for objects  2nd 
    names of 
    properties of
        accessing from extension functions 
clearstatcache( ) function 
clibpdf extension 
client for XML-RPC service 
client-side GUI applications 
client-side scripting within HTML pages 
clients, support or acceptance of cookies 
closedir( ) function 
closelog( ) function 
    files referenced by handle 
    database query, running and printing result 
    PHP tags 
    reuse with inheritance 
code blocks 
    execution directives, specifying in declare statement 
code libraries  [See extensions]
collating sequences 
    265-color image, creating 
    handling in graphics 
        alpha channel, using 
        identifying colors 
        text representations of images 
        true color color indexes 
    negative index values, turning off antialiasing 
    preferences for page
        setting with sessions 
        setting/using with cookies 
    text in PDF files, setting for 
    true-color images 
    user preferences, storing across visits 
column( ) function 
    COM extension 
    PHP interfacing with
        completing a Word document 
        determining API 
        ODBC data sources 
        PHP functions 
        reading/writing Excel files 
command line scripting 
command lines, Readline library for 
command-line PHP 
commands, SQL 
comments in PHP 
    C-style  2nd 
commit ( ) method 
communication protocols  2nd 
    for databases 
compact( ) function  2nd 
    floating-point values 
    strings  2nd 
        for approximate equality 
        for equality 
comparison operators 
    == (equal to) operator 
    in string comparisons 
compiling C-language PHP extensions 
    into PHP 
complement, string searches for 
compound (collection) types 
compressing output  2nd 
    ZIP files, extension for 
    zlib compression extension 
concatenating strings 
    . (concatenation) operator 
    .+ (concatenation assignment) operator 
    strcat( ) function 
conditional (?\:) operator  2nd 
conditional expressions in regular expressions 
conditional statements 
    config.m4 file for extension 
        external dependencies 
        no external dependencies 
    getting variables 
    open_basedir in httpd.conf 
configuration page for PHP, creating 
configure command (PHP), database support 
    Apache and PHP 
    data source name with ODBC PHP 
    PHP on Windows
        adding extensions 
        with a web server 
        with PHP installer 
    safe_mode in php.ini file 
    server to place session files in your own directory 
connections, database  2nd  3rd 
constant-width expressions, Perl lookbehind assertions 
    in array keys 
    default function parameter values 
    defined, getting 
Content-Type header  2nd 
continue statements 
    in do/while loops 
    in for loops 
convert_cyr_string( ) function 
converting data types 
    between arrays and variables 
    $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS array 
    combining with sessions 
    decoding names 
    global variable for uploaded file, overwriting 
    global variables for, controlling with variables_order directive 
    problems with 
    quotes state for operations 
    session IDs, storing in 
        alternative means for storing 
    setting preferences with 
coordinates, PDF pages 
    changing the origin 
copy( ) function 
copy-on-write, managing memory with 
    a zval container 
    array values into variables 
CORBA, Satellite Client extension 
cos( ) function 
count( ) function  2nd 
count_chars( ) function 
counters, initialization and manipulation in for statement 
counting references to values in symbol tables 
crc32( ) function 
create_function( ) function  2nd 
create_parser( ) function 
createSequence( ) function 
credit-card processing services
    CCVS library 
    Cybercash libraries 
    validator, using Luhn checksum 
    Verisign Payflow Pro extension 
crypt( ) function 
    mcrypt extension 
    mhash library 
ctype library 
CURL functions 
current( ) function  2nd 
cursor, positioning in PDF text  2nd 
customizing session information storage 
cut subpattern, Perl regular expressions 
Cybercash library 
CyberMUT (financial transaction service) 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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