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Data Definition Language (DDL) 
Data Manipulation Language (DML) 
data source name  [See DSN]
data types 
    arrays  2nd 
    casting  2nd 
    converting values to given type 
    extension function return values 
        simple types 
    floating-point numbers  2nd 
    functions for 
    gettype( ) function 
    in printf( ) format modifiers 
    integers  2nd 
    is_double( ) function 
    NULL value 
    objects  2nd 
        macros to access zval fields 
        zval_copy_ctor( ) function 
    strings  2nd  [See also strings]
    type_spec strings 
        specification characters/modifiers 
    xmlrpc extension and 
database queries  [See SQL]
databases  2nd 
    accessing with PHP
        configuring database support 
        using database-specific extensions 
        with PEAR DB library 
    advanced techniques 
        placeholders for query values 
    connecting to 
    data source names (DSNs) 
    disconnecting from 
    error checking 
    filePro extension 
    Hyperwave library for storing and managing documents 
    Informix, extension for 
    Ingres II, extension for 
    InterBase extension 
    Microsoft SQL Server extension 
        accessing, querying, and printing result 
        extension for 
        mSQL server extension 
        session information, storing in 
    ODBC extension 
    Oracle extensions 
    Ovrimos SQL extension 
    Postgre SQL extension 
    queries  2nd  [See also SQL]
        preparing for multiple executions 
        response details, methods providing 
    read and write handlers 
    relational databases and SQL 
    replication for performance tuning 
    sample application 
        adding a business 
        administrator's page 
        database connection 
        database tables 
        displaying database information 
    shortcuts for performing query/fetching results 
    Sybase extension 
dates and times
    calendar events
        ICAP extension 
        MCAL extension 
    calendar library 
    checkdate( ) function 
    date( ) function, formatting with 
    dates, formatting for printf( ) 
    formatting for locales 
    functions for 
    getdate( ) function 
    gettimeofday( ) function 
    gmmktime( ) function 
    seconds and microseconds since Unix epoch 
    timeout for current script, setting 
    timestamps  2nd  3rd  4th 
DB\:\:connect( ) method  2nd 
DB\:\:getMessage( ) method 
DB\:\:isError( ) method  2nd 
DB_OK constant 
dBase library 
DBM-style database abstraction library 
DBM-style database library 
dbx extension 
DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) 
DDL (Data Definition Language) 
    database connections 
    object-oriented programs 
    state, program for 
decbin( ) function 
dechex( ) function 
decimal numbers 
    formatting for printf( ) 
declarations, unparsed entities 
declare statements 
declared classes, getting array of 
    static function variable 
    variables by setting value 
decoct( ) function 
decoding URL-encoded strings 
decomposing strings 
default handler, XML parsing 
default keyword 
define( ) function 
define_syslog_variables( ) function 
    classes  2nd  3rd 
        nested declarations 
deg2rad( ) function 
    files with unlink( ) function 
    text from strings 
delimiters, pattern 
dereferencing zval 
derived classes 
descending order, sorting arrays in 
destroy handler for sessions 
destructor function for resource 
developers site
developers sites
    PHP extensions (C-language) 
die( ) function  2nd 
difference, calculating between two arrays 
dimensions of image in PDF file 
    current working directory 
    dirname( ) function 
    functions for 
    LDAP protocol extension 
    mkdir( ) function 
disable_functions option (php.ini) 
disconnect ( ) method 
disk_total_space( ) function 
display_classes( ) function 
displaying PHP values in human-readable form 
Distributed COM (DCOM) 
division (/) operator 
division assignment (/=) operator 
dl( ) function 
DML (Data Manipulation Language) 
do/while loops 
Document Type Definition (DTD) 
documents, PDF 
    Hello World (example) 
    terminating and streaming 
dollar sign  [See $, under Symbols]
DOM (Document Object Model)
    DOM XML library 
double disk_free_space( ) function 
doubleval( ) function 
drawing images
    basic drawing functions 
    drawing primitives in GD 
    in PDF documents 
dropSequence( ) method 
DSN (data source name) 
    configuring with ODBC PHP 
    selecting appropriate 
DTD (Document Type Definition) 
DTP points 
Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) 
dynamic XML, generating 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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