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each( ) function  2nd 
echo command  2nd 
echo( ) function 
efree( ) function 
EG (Executor Globals) 
EGPCS (environment, GET, POST, cookie and server) variables
    aliases for 
    controlling with variables_order directive 
EGPCS (environment, GET, POST, cookie, and server) variables 
element handlers 
elements, array
    checking whether element exists 
    filtering from 
    getting number of 
    removing and inserting 
else clause 
    functions for 
    IMAP, POP, and NNTP extension 
    vpopmail extension 
emalloc( ) function 
    fonts in PDF files 
    PHP in web pages 
        ASP tags, using 
        echoing content directly 
        script style 
        SGML tags, using 
        XML-compliant tags, using 
empty arrays, constructing 
empty expressions 
empty( ) function 
    strings according to URL conventions 
    strings, C language 
encryption (mcrypt extension) 
end element handler 
end( ) function  2nd 
end-of-file handling 
    on Unix and Windows 
end-of-line handling, on Unix and Windows 
endif keyword 
        translation tables for  2nd 
    HTML, converting string characters into 
environment variables  2nd 
    $HTTP_ENV_VARS array 
    variables_order directive in php.ini 
equality (==) operator 
equivalence class 
ereg( ) function  2nd 
ereg_replace( ) function  2nd  3rd 
eregi( ) function  2nd 
eregi_replace( ) function 
error handling 
    defining error handlers 
        formating and printing errors (example) 
        logging in 
        output buffering 
    logging error messages to system log 
    reporting errors 
    reverting to prior handler 
    setting error handler 
    suppressing errors 
    triggering errors  2nd 
error suppression (@) operator 
error_log( ) function  2nd 
    logging session errors 
error_reporting( ) function  2nd 
    checking databasees for 
    functions for 
    warnings about, disabling public visibility of 
escape sequences
    in double-quoted strings  2nd 
    in single-quoted strings 
    removing from strings 
escapeshellarg( ) function  2nd 
escapeshellcmd( ) function 
escaping special characters in shell commands 
eval( ) function, security risks of 
event-based XML parsing 
    accessing data with ODBC PHP 
    configuring DSN with ODBC PHP 
    limitations as database 
    reading and writing files with PHP COM 
Exchange Image File Format (EXIF) extension 
Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) extension 
exec( ) function 
    security risks with shell commands 
execute( ) method 
executeMultiple( ) method 
execution (`) operator 
execution time, optimizing 
Executor Globals (EG) 
EXIF extension  2nd 
exit statements 
exp( ) function 
expiration, PHP session ID cookies 
Expires header 
explode( ) function  2nd 
    autoincrementing and autodecrementing 
    in for loop 
    ternary conditional operator, using on 
extends keyword 
Extensible Markup Language  [See XML]
Extensible Stylesheet Language  [See XSL]
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations  [See XSLT]
extension_loaded( ) function 
extensions  2nd 
    bzip2 compression 
    close or shutdown function, triggering resource cleanup 
    ctype library 
    DOM XML 
    dynamically loading 
    EXIF (Exchange Image File Format) 
    EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) 
    FDF (Forms Data Format) 
    functions provided by, getting 
    GD graphics library 
    GNU MP 
    IMAP, POP, and NNTP 
    Ingres II databases 
    IRC gateway 
    loaded, getting names of 
    Microsoft SQL Server 
    Ming library (Flash movies) 
    Ovrimos SQL 
        checking whether installed 
    PEAR DB  2nd 
        accessing databases with  2nd 
        class and object methods 
        database performance and 
        getting data from query results 
    for PHP on Windows 
    Satellite CORBA Client 
    SWF (Shockwave Flash) 
    System V Semaphores and Shared memory 
    writing in C for PHP 
        architectural overview 
        command-line PHP 
        config.m4 file 
        creating variables 
        developers mailing list 
        external dependencies 
        function return values 
        global variables 
        INI entries 
        memory management functions 
        parameter handling 
        PHP source code, downloading latest 
        pval/zval data type 
        skeleton extension, creating and fleshing out 
        software tools 
    XML parser 
        documentation, web site 
    XSLT  2nd 
    ZIP files 
external XML entities 
extract( ) function  2nd 
extracting multiple values from arrays 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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