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fall-through case, combining cases in 
false keyword 
fclose( ) function 
feof( ) function  2nd 
fetchInto( ) method  2nd 
fetchRow( ) method 
fgetc( ) function 
fgets( ) function 
fgetss( ) function 
file endings on Unix and Windows 
file formats, image 
    button supporting multiple 
    in PDF files 
    testing for supported 
file globbing 
file permissions, security and 
file( ) function 
file_exists( ) function 
fileatime( ) function 
filectime( ) function 
filegroup( ) function 
fileinode( ) function 
filemtime( ) function 
filenames, security and 
fileowner( ) function 
fileperms( ) function 
filePro extension 
    attaching to PDF document 
        ZIP files extension 
        zlib compression extension 
    deleting, unlink( ) function (example) 
    fflush( ) function 
    functions for 
    included or required, getting 
    last-modification date 
    not using files for security reasons 
    reading and outputting contents 
    uploaded, moving 
    uploading  2nd 
        information about ($HTTP_POST_FILES) 
    writing PDF data to 
filesize( ) function  2nd 
filesystem, functions for 
filetype( ) function 
filled images, drawing 
    graphic paths 
        patterns for 
FillTemplate( ) function  2nd 
filtering elements from an array 
financial transactions
    CyberMUT extension 
    Verisign Payflow Pro extension 
first character of string, changing to uppercase 
flags, pattern modifying
    inline options 
    trailing options 
    animations, libswf extension 
    Ming library for movies 
    SWF extension for movies 
floating-point data types 
    formats in PHP 
    padding for printf( ) output 
    precision specifier for 
    storing in double-precision 
flock( ) function 
floor( ) function 
flow-control statements 
    exit and return 
flush( ) function 
flushing buffers 
FontAFM, FontPFM, and FontOutline settings to pdflib.upr file 
    GD extension, differences in versions 
    in PDF files 
    TrueType, using with GD 
fopen( ) function 
    file permissions and 
    opening remote files with, security and 
for loops 
    traversing arrays with 
foreach loops 
    accessing sorted array ordering 
    looping across arrays 
    traversing arrays with 
formatted strings, printing 
    format modifiers 
formatting error messages 
    creating and processing (example) 
    Forms Data Format (FDF) library 
    global variables and, security of 
    hidden fields
        state information in 
        storing session IDs in 
    preference selection for page colors 
        file uploads 
        GET and POST methods 
        multi-valued parameters 
        quoting parameters automatically 
        self-processing pages 
        sticky forms 
        sticky multi-valued parameters 
    sending over secure connections 
    user input, HTML template for 
fpassthru( ) function 
fputs( ) function 
fread( ) function 
free( ) method 
    memory  [See memory]
    variable values 
    XML parser 
FreeType library, providing TrueType fonts 
FriBiDi extension 
fscanf( ) function 
fseek( ) function 
fsockopen( ) function 
fstat( ) function 
ftell( ) function 
FTP extension 
ftruncate( ) function 
full paths, resolving filenames to 
func_get_arg( ) function  2nd 
func_get_args( ) function  2nd 
func_num_args( ) function  2nd 
Function Entry macro 
function_exists( ) function 
functions  [See also methods]2nd  3rd 
        inserting elements into 
        modifying or applying operation to all elements 
        sorting  2nd 
        for each array element 
    case-insensitivity in names 
    change-handling, for INI entries 
    changing case of strings 
    classes and objects 
    converting arrays to/from variables 
    data type 
    date and time 
    defined, getting names of 
        nested declarations 
    disabling for security reasons 
    drawing basic images 
    errors and logging 
    exposing as XML-RPC methods 
        accessing internal PHP global variable 
        creating variables 
        memory management 
        parameter handling 
    files, directories, and filesystem 
    for URLs 
    for variables 
    global scope 
        building table with 
    local scope 
    names of 
    object introspection 
        sample program 
    parameters  2nd 
        passing by reference 
        passing by value 
        variable number of 
    Perl-style regular expressions 
        additional PHP flags 
        preg_match( ) 
        preg_quote( ) 
        preg_replace( ) 
        preg_split( ) 
    PHP for Apache server 
    PHP interface into COM 
    PHP options/info 
    for POSIX-style regular expressions 
    program execution 
    resources within, automatic cleanup of 
    returning values from 
    side effects of  2nd 
    strings  2nd 
        exploding and imploding 
        search functions 
    text in PDF files 
    unregistering tick functions 
    variable scope 
        global, accessing from within functions 
        static variables 
fwrite( ) function 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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