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garbage collection 
    handler for sessions 
GD extension
    color handling 
    drawing functions 
    drawing primitives 
GD graphics library (open source) 
    images, steps in process 
GET method (HTTP)  2nd 
    $HTTP_GET_VARS array 
    controlling global variables with variables_order directive 
    form processing 
    quotes state for operations 
get_browser( ) function 
get_cfg_var( ) function 
get_class( ) function  2nd 
get_class_methods( ) function  2nd 
get_class_vars( ) function  2nd 
get_current_user( ) function 
get_declared_classes( ) function  2nd 
get_defined_constants( ) function 
get_defined_functions( ) function 
get_defined_vars( ) function 
get_extension_funcs( ) function 
get_html_translation_table( ) function  2nd 
get_included_files( ) function  2nd 
get_loaded_extensions( ) 
get_magic_quotes_gpc( ) function 
get_meta_tags( ) function  2nd 
get_object_vars( ) function  2nd 
get_parent_class( ) function  2nd 
get_preferences( ) function 
get_required_files( ) function 
get_resource_type( ) function 
getAll( ) method 
getAssoc( ) method 
getCol( ) method 
getcwd( ) function 
getdate( ) function 
getenv( ) function 
gethostbyaddr( ) function 
gethostbynamel( ) function 
getlastmod( ) function 
getListOf( ) method 
getmxrr( ) function 
getmyinode( ) function 
getmypid( ) function 
getOne( ) method 
getprotobyname( ) function 
getprotobynumber( ) function 
getrandmax( ) function 
getRow( ) method 
getrusage( ) function 
getservbyname( ) function 
getservbyport( ) function 
gettext library (GNU) 
gettype( ) function 
GIF image format 
    in PDF files 
global variables 
    accessing from extension functions 
        executor globals 
        internal extension globals 
        SAPI globals 
    accessing from within functions 
    and form data, security of 
        setting variables_order in php.ini 
    EGPCS, creating 
globbing filenames 
gmdate( ) function 
gmmktime( ) function 
gmstrftime( ) function 
GNU MP (GMP) library 
    basic concepts 
    color handling 
        identifying colors 
        text representation of images 
        true color color indexes 
        using alpha channel 
    creating and drawing images 
        basic drawing functions 
        graphics program structure 
    creating and manipulating with GD extension 
    dynamically generated buttons 
    embedding images in pages 
    GD extension 
    image file formats  2nd 
        testing for supported 
    images with text 
    in PDF files 
        templates for 
    scaling images 
greater than (>) operator 
greater than or equal to (>=) operator 
greedy matching, Perl regular expressions 
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), in timestamps 
grouping patterns
    non-capturing groups 
    replacing matched strings in 
GUIs for client-side applications, writing with PHP/GTK 
Gutmans, Andi 
gzip-compressed files, zlib library for reading/writing 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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