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ab (Apache benchmarking) utility 
abs( ) function 
accented characters, converting to HTML entities 
Accept headers 
Access, PHP ODBC support for 
accessor macros for zval fields 
acos( ) function 
Active Server Pages (ASP), embedding PHP with ASP tags 
active_symbol_table global variable 
addcslashes( ) function  2nd 
addition (+) operator 
addition assignment (+=) operator 
addslashes( ) function  2nd  3rd 
administrative files, managing with YP/NIS extension 
administrators (database), backend page for 
affectedRows( ) method 
AFM (Adobe Font Metric) 
aliases for EGPCS variables 
alignment, PDF text within box 
allocating color  [See color]
alpha channel 
    enabling/disabling alpha blending 
    ImageColorResolveAlpha( ) function 
    in GD 
    PNG images in PDF files 
alternatives in regular expressions 
    in Perl-style regular expressions 
    in POSIX regular expressions 
AND operator
    & (bitwise AND) 
    &= (bitwise AND assignment) operator 
annotations, PDF files 
anonymous functions 
ANSI-compliant C compiler 
    in GD palette entries 
    in images 
    TrueType fonts 
    turning off 
    benchmarking utility 
    library (PHP extension) 
Apache web servers 
        for cached buttons 
        PHP for 
        to place session files in your directory 
    download site 
    downloading source distribution 
    PHP functions for 
    for Windows 
    code libraries 
    database (example) 
        adding a business 
        administrator's page 
        database connection 
        database information, displaying 
        database tables 
    error handling 
        defining error handlers 
        reporting errors 
        suppressing errors 
        triggering errors 
    output, handling 
        buffering output 
        changing references in document 
        compressing output 
    performance tuning 
        optimizing execution time 
        optimizing memory requirements 
        reverse proxies and replication 
    templating systems 
    WDDX standard for sharing information 
arcs, drawing  2nd 
argument list (variable), processing 
arithmetic operators 
    implicit casting, rules for 
array( ) function  2nd  3rd 
    casting operator 
array_chunk( ) function 
array_count_values( ) function 
array_diff( ) function  2nd  3rd 
array_filter( ) function  2nd 
array_flip( ) function 
array_intersect( ) function  2nd 
array_key_exists( ) function 
array_keys( ) function  2nd 
array_map( ) function 
array_merge( ) function  2nd 
    calculating union of two sets 
array_merge_recursive( ) function 
array_multisort( ) function  2nd 
array_pad( ) function  2nd 
array_pop( ) function  2nd 
array_push( ) function  2nd 
array_rand( ) function 
array_reduce( ) function  2nd 
array_reverse( ) function  2nd 
array_search( ) function  2nd 
array_shift( ) function  2nd 
array_slice( ) function  2nd 
array_splice( ) function  2nd 
array_sum( ) function  2nd 
array_unique( ) function  2nd 
array_unshift( ) function  2nd 
array_values( ) function  2nd 
array_walk( ) function  2nd 
arrays  2nd 
    casting to/from objects 
    checking whether element exists 
    color index for images 
    converting to/from variables 
    displaying with print_r( ) 
    extension functions returning 
    extracting multiple values from 
    form values 
    functions for 
    global variables, EGPCS 
    identifying elements of 
    implementing sets with 
    implementing stacks with 
    indexed vs. associative 
    iterating over elements with foreach loop 
    keys and values, returning 
    modifying or applying operation to all elements 
    removing and inserting elements 
    resetting internal pointer to first element 
    sorting  2nd 
        with anonymous functions 
        in ascending order 
        in natural order 
        in random order  2nd 
        in user-defined ordere 
        multiple arrays at once 
        PHP functions for 
        reversing element order 
        with user defined-function 
        with user-defined functions, by keys 
    splitting into chunks 
    storing data in 
        adding values to end of array 
        assigning range of values 
        getting array size 
    symbol tables 
        calling function for each element 
        iterator functions 
        reducing an array 
        searching for values 
        with for loop 
arsort( ) function  2nd  3rd 
ascending order, sorting arrays in 
    representation of an image 
    US-ASCII character encoding 
    UTF-8 encoding for printing high-bit characters 
ASCII order
    natural order in strings vs. 
    value of first character in string 
    values for characters in string searches 
asin( ) function  2nd 
asort( ) function  2nd 
ASP (Active Server Pages), embedding PHP with ASP tags 
aspell PHP library 
assert( ) function 
assert_options( ) function 
assertion (+), arithmetic operator 
assignment operators 
    = (basic assignment) operator 
    assignment with operation 
assignment, initializing arrays with 
associative arrays  2nd 
    array_splice( ), using on 
    calculating sum of values 
    creating with compact( ) 
    rows in database query results 
    XML-RPC call, attributes of 
associativity, operator  2nd 
atan( ) function 
atan2( ) function 
    text in PDF files 
    XML elements 
    Kerberos extension 
    message (mhash library) 
autodecrement (--) operator 
autoincrement (++) operator 

Programming PHP
Programming PHP
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