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abstract base Action class 
Accept, HTTP request header field 
Accept-Charset, HTTP request header field 
Accept-Encoding, HTTP request header field 
Accept-Language, HTTP request header field 
action attribute, form tag (HTML tag library) 
Action class  2nd 
    abstract base 
    business logic, and 
    constants moved to Global class 
    execute( ) method  2nd 
        called by the controller (diagram) 
    how to best implement 
    modifications to the 
    part of the controller or model 
    perform( ) method 
    security in 
action element 
action forms, dynamic 
action forwards 
action mappings 
action package 
action-mappings element 
ActionErrors class 
    ActionMessage class, relationship between (diagram) 
    putting ActionErrors into the request using the LoginAction class 
ActionForm class
    across multiple pages 
    ActionForms explained 
    and DTOs, difference between 
    business tier, being passed to 
    checkboxes, and 
    creating an ActionForm 
    declaring in Strut 
    declaring properties as strings 
    hierarchy (diagram) 
    how the framework processes an ActionForm 
    lifecycle of an ActionForm (diagram) 
    problems with 
    reset( ) method  2nd 
    scope, and 
    using an ActionForm in an Action 
    validation, and 
    Validator, using with 
ActionForward class  2nd  3rd 
ActionMapping class 
    findForward( ) method 
    path attribute 
ActionMessage class 
    ActionErrors class, relationship be 
actions package 
    DispatchAction class 
    ForwardAction class 
    IncludeAction class 
    LookupDispatchAction class 
    SwitchAction class 
ActionServlet class  2nd  [See also controller]
    doGet( ) method 
    doPost( ) method 
    extending  2nd 
    initialization of (diagram) 
    process( ) method 
    RequestProcessor class, and 
add tag, custom tag (Tiles tag library) 
    building Struts applications with 
        cleaning up 
    compiling Java source files 
    installing and configuring 
    using to build the WAR file 
Apache Software Foundation (ASF) 
    Commons Logging package 
    Java 1.4 logging API 
appenders, log4j 
AppException class 
application exceptions 
application tier (middle tier) 
application-scope shared resource 
ApplicationConfig class 
ApplicationContainer class 
applications  [See also Struts, applications]
    characteristics of applications supporting intern 
    deciding how to package Struts applications 
    layers (diagram) 
    lifecycle listener classes 
    two-tier or multitiered distributed 
    web  [See web applications]
architectural tiers  [See also client tier]
    functional application tiers (diagram) 
    relationship between 
ASF (Apache Software Foundation) 
Astra LoadTest 
automated build environment, creating 


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