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banking application (example) 
    account detail screen 
    account information screen 
    configuration file 
    IAuthentication interface 
    login screen 
    LoginAction class 
    LoginForm class 
    resource bundles 
    SecurityService class  2nd 
    UserView class  2nd 
base Action class 
base tag, custom tag (HTML tag library) 
BaseBusinessObject class 
Bates, Arron  2nd 
Bean tag library  2nd 
    custom tags
        define tag 
        header tag 
        include tag 
        message tag 
        parameter tag 
        resource tag 
        write tag 
    resource bundles, and 
body-content section of the template file 
Borland Enterprise Server file 
build.xml file 
building Struts 
    applications with Ant 
    automated build environment 
    directory structure for the storefront application 
    prerequisite software packages 
business delegate
    caching an instance in the session 
    for the storefront session bean 
    using an EJBHomeFactory in 
Business Delegate pattern  2nd 
business interface, storefront application (example)  2nd 
business logic
    Action class, and 
business objects 
    creating the storefront application business objects 
    entity BOs 
    event BOs 
    importance of 
    mapping business objects
        database tables, to 
        database, to 
    order BOs 
    process BOs 
    separating from presentation 
business tier, passing the ActionForm to 
business validation in Struts applications 
button tag, custom tag (HTML tag library) 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
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