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MAC (Media Access Control) addresses  2nd 
    configuring filtering for 
    connecting AirPanel V150 to computers 
    filtering, as security measure  2nd  3rd  4th 
        problems with 
    locking by ISPs 
    resetting IP addresses 
Mac OS X systems
    downloading Remote Desktop clients for 
Magellan Meridian Gold GPS receiver 
Mantin, Itsik 
manually adding wireless networks 
mapping software and GPS  2nd 
    Microsoft Streets and Tips 
    NetStumbler tool 
MapPoint mapping software 
MapPoint Web Service 
maps of access points, generating 
master/slave relationships 
Media Access Control addresses  [See MAC addresses]
Medium Frequency (MF) band 
Medium Infrared (MIR) 
Message Integrity Check (MIC) 
MF (Medium Frequency) band 
MIC (Message Integrity Check) 
Microsoft Smart Display  2nd 
Microsoft Streets and Trips package 
military use of GPS 
MIR (Medium Infrared) 
mobile phones
    Bluetooth devices 
    connecting to Internet through 
    pairing computers with 
    T9 technology for inputting text 
    tri-band phones 
    cell phones as 
modes for wireless networking 
modulating radio waves 
modulation schemes 
modules, GPRS 
MS-CHAP v2 (Microsoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol Version 2) 
multitap method on mobile phones 

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