Submitting Your Site to a Search Engine

Once you have carefully used keywords and added meta tags to all of the desired pages on your site and perhaps created a site map (as described on page 368) that lists those pages, you'll want to invite a search engine to visit your site in order to add your pages to its database.

To submit your site to a search engine:


Connect to the search engine of your choice.


Find their Add URL page.


Google's is at (Figure 24.15).

Figure 24.15. Go to the search engine's Add URL page. This is Google. You can add comments about your page, though they are not used in the search results.

Yahoo's is at


Type your (site map) page's URL in the appropriate text box and click the Submit button.


Go back to the search engine in two weeks and search for your site. If it doesn't appear, submit it again.


  • The most popular general search engines are Google and Yahoo. Also see

  • You might also want to register your site with a search engine that specializes in a particular topic. For a list of such engines, see

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