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picture book p. 108

  • With the six-, eight-, and sixteen-photo page designs, iPhoto crops the photos by default, but you can tell it not to by Control-clicking the photo and checking Fit Photo to Frame Size. I don't think it looks that great this way, though. You can find more details about this command in the Collage theme tips on pages 139140.

travel p. 114

  • The Travel theme has three different colored blank pageswhite, cream, and orangethat I just didn't have room to show you.

  • The passport stamps can be placed on top of the photo by Control-clicking the photo and choosing Send to Back.

watercolor p. 116

  • The Watercolor theme offers various different colored blank pages. It bugs me that you can't make the dark areas (or light areas for that matter) match up across a two-page spread.

  • The order of the page designs for two-photo pages is a little weird. It should be plain blue, bicolor blue, and then tilted green, tilted purple, and tilted orange, in that order, just as they are for (most of) the other page types.

  • For that matter, the one-photo page design menu is off too. The straight blue bicolor is missing altogether (though it shows up in the default layout), and the rest of the designs are only vaguely grouped together and ordered properly.

contemporary p. 118

  • iPhoto automatically crops your photos to fit the square or widescreen frames. You can have iPhoto leave the proportion of your photos alone by Control-clicking a photo and checking the Fit Photo to Frame Size option. See the Collage theme tips on pages 139140 for more details.

folio p. 120

  • Text is automatically entered into the text boxes from the photo's information paneif there's anything there (see page 10 for more about labeling your photos).

  • You can also add text directly in Book view. It will override any text that came from the information pane. The strange thing is that if you rearrange the photos on the page, the directly-typed text box stays put and overrides the information from any new photos that you put there. Weird.

  • The text box border goes away once you add some text.

  • If you don't want iPhoto to automatically fill your text boxes with the data in the information pane, click the Settings button at the bottom of the Book window and then deselect Automatically enter photo information in the box that appears.

  • I don't recommend changing fonts with the Settings box described in the preceding tip. I think it's buggy (at least up to version 5.0.2.) Consult my web site for updates (see page xiii).

  • These tips apply to all of the photo book themes with text boxes for titles and captions (Folio, Classic, Portfolio, Year Book, and Catalog).

crayon p. 122

  • The Crayon theme offers six different blank pages: one of each color to match the other page designs, plus white.

classic p. 126

  • The same tips from the Folio theme apply to Classic (see pages 138139).

story book p. 128

  • The End page design uses square frames, not the standard 4:3 (or 3:4) used elsewhere. By default, iPhoto will reduce your 4:3 photos to fit, leaving empty white bars in its wake. The horizontal pictures look OK because they overlap. Square pictures look even better. See the Collage theme (page 130 and the next tip section) for more details on filling square frames.

collage p. 130

  • Cropping your photos this way does not affect their appearance in any other book or slideshow. Of course, you can crop your photos yourself with the Crop button (see pages 8081), but then they will be cropped everywhere, not just in this particular book project.

  • I find the wording of the Fit Photo to Frame Size command extremely confusing. Does it mean shoehorn the photo inside the frame without changing its proportions? Or does it mean make the photo fill the frame? It actually means the former. With this command checked, iPhoto will reduce the size of your photo, while maintaining its proportions, in order to fit it inside the frame. It's a bit like watching a widescreen movie on a standard 4:3 television set. When you uncheck the option, iPhoto lops off the sides of the photo (or the top and bottom if it's a vertically oriented photo), and fills the frame. Which is basically what happens when they "adapt" movies to show on television.

  • At any rate, in order to fill the frames with your 4:3 photos, you don't want iPhoto to Fit Photo to Frame Size and thus there should be no checkmark next to the command. The worst part is that you have to choose the command when it has a checkmark next to it in order to make the checkmark disappear. Ugh!

portfolio p. 132

  • The same tips from the Folio theme apply to Portfolio (see pages 138139).

year book p. 134

  • For more details on taking advantage of the four-photo page's square frames, see the Collage theme on page 130.

  • The same tips from the Folio theme apply to Year Book (see pages 138139).

catalog p. 136

  • The same tips from the Folio theme apply to Catalog (see pages 138139).

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