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Name Server Modification window (DNS console) 
name servers  2nd  3rd 
    adding  2nd 
    BIND, converting to Microsoft DNS Server 
    capacity of 
    closest known 
    forwarding servers 
    internal roots and 
    listing properties 
    looking up 
    losing manual changes 
    Microsoft DNS 
    misconfigured, domain 
    NOTIFY protocol 
    NS records and 
    properties of 
    querying  2nd 
    root  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    selecting number of 
    troubleshooting  2nd 
    types of 
    viewing statistics 
name-to-address mapping for IPv6 addresses 
namedroppers mailing list  2nd 
    address mapping 
    CNAME records 
        Active Directory 
        root domains 
        as subtrees 
    resolution  2nd 
    split namespaces 
        name servers 
    visibility of 
negative caching 
net domain 
Network Associates Firewall Toolkit 
Network Information Center  [See NIC]
Network Information Service  [See NIS]
Network Solutions, Inc.  2nd 
    history of DNS 
    LANs  2nd 
    registering  2nd 
New Delegation Wizard 
New Host window (DNS console) 
New Zone Wizard 
    DNS console 
newsgroups  2nd 
NIC (Network Information Center) 
    whois service  2nd 
NIS (Network Information Service)  2nd 
no-refresh interval 
nod2 option (nslookup)  2nd 
nodebug option (nslookup)  2nd 
nodefname option (nslookup) 
nodes  2nd 
noignoretc option (nslookup) 
nonauthoritative nslookup answers 
nonexistent domain error (nslookup) 
nonoctet boundaries, subnetting on 
nonrecursive queries  2nd 
norecurse option (nslookup)  2nd 
nosearch option (nslookup)  2nd 
NOTIFY protocol 
    requests and responses 
novc option (nslookup) 
NS records  2nd 
    adding  2nd 
NSFNET traffic reports 
nslookup program  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    CNAME records 
    domain setup, testing 
    host configuration errors, checking 
    name servers 
    queries, tracing 
    querying other servers 
    troubleshooting  2nd 
    using dig utility instead of 
    zone transfers 
number of domains, configuring 
numbers, ARIN registry 

DNS on Windows Server 2003
DNS on Windows Server 2003
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Year: 2003
Pages: 163

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