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mail addr field 
mail exchangers  2nd 
mailing lists 
    disaster planning 
    Event Viewer 
    zone datafile controls 
    primary master name servers 
    resource records 
    servers  2nd 
    subdomains  2nd 
manual configuration
    resource records 
    search lists 
manual searches, nslookup 
    addresses  2nd 
    reverse  2nd 
master file formats 
master server 
MB records 
MD records 
    resource records 
messages  2nd 
    Event Viewer 
MF records 
MG records 
Microsoft DNS Server 
    aging and scavenging, enabling 
    batch scripts 
    converting BIND name server to 
    from command line 
    history of 
    incremental zone transfer 
    interoperability with BIND 
    resources for 
    restarting  2nd  3rd 
        checking caches 
    version control 
    zone transfers 
Microsoft Exchange Server 
Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) 
Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 
Microsoft web site, support 
MicrosoftDNS_ResourceRecord class 
MicrosoftDNS_Server class 
MicrosoftDNS_Statistic class 
MicrosoftDNS_Zone class 
mil domain 
minimum TTL 
mirroring servers 
MMC (Microsoft Management Console) 
MNAME field (DNS console) 
mnemonics, CLASS 
Mockapetris, Paul  2nd 
models, domain 
    computer names 
    DNS suffixes 
monitoring performance 
moving files 
multiple domains 
multiple name servers 
multiple networks 
MX records  2nd 
    limitation of 
    routing loops 

DNS on Windows Server 2003
DNS on Windows Server 2003
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