Chapter 19. Fun and Games (Very Serious Fun)

There's plenty to smile about when it comes to taking a little downtime with your Linux system. A default KDE installation comes with a number of games, as does a standard GNOME installation. If you installed both desktops, you will find plenty to keep you busy and happy for some time.

Expand your mind with one of the many puzzles. Do a little target practice in the arcade. Race down a dizzying mountain slope. Play golf. Sink someone's battleship. Board a space fighter and take on somebody halfway around the world. Play solitaire, backgammon, or poker.

There are tons of games available, and I'm just talking about the ones on your distribution disks. Head off to the Internet and you'll find yourself set for weeks, possibly months. Sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy a little fun, Linux style.

You'll find most of these games under your K menu, where they'll be ordered according to the type of game each represents. In each case, I also give the command name so that you can either run it from the shell or start it with your program launcher, <Alt+F2>.

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