Editing and Deleting Transactions

If you set up your accounts to use One Step Update, the transactions download and appear in the Downloaded Transactions tab of your account registers. You can then review and add the transactions to your register. However, because downloaded transactions often come in with a series of numbers, symbols, or names that probably don't make a lot of sense, you may prefer to rename them. To do this, you can edit the transaction, rename it to something that makes sense to you, and assign a category so you can track it. One of the nice things about Quicken is that when you do rename transactions and assign categories, Quicken remembers so the next time a transaction is downloaded or entered into your register with the same, original name, Quicken automatically renames it for you and assigns the category. In the meantime, refer to the following task to learn how to edit and delete transactions.

Edit and Delete Transactions

From the account bar, select the account for which you want to edit or delete transactions.

Click the area you want to change (for example, the category) and type or select the new information.

Click in any of the other fields in the transaction to change the information, as needed.

Click Enter.

To delete an entire transaction, select the transaction and click Delete. A message appears, asking if you want to delete the transaction.

Click Yes to delete it or No to keep it.

See Also

See "Use the Memorized Payee List to Manage Your Renaming Rules" on page 174 for information on renaming payees and assigning categories.

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