Exporting Reports

When you run a report, you have the option of exporting it or saving it in a separate file and in another format. The format that Quicken uses to export is a text file, which means that the report content is in plain text, without formatting, such as styles, tables, and so on. This makes the report content compatible with just about any other program, such as Microsoft Excel or Word. If you have specific information that you need to share with someone elsefor example, your accountant, you can do so by exporting the report and saving it as a text file, and then you can either send the file as an email attachment, print it, or open it in Excel or another program to work with it further.

Open a report, if you don't already have one open, and click Export Data, Report to Excel Compatible Format.

See Also

See "Setting Quicken Preferences" on page 40 for information on setting the other Quicken preferences. See "Viewing Reports" on page 310 to learn how to run reports.

Click Look In to locate the folder where you want to save the file.

Click in the File Name text box and type the name of the file (for example the report name).

Click Open. The file is saved with the name you gave it and a .txt extension (for example, CashFlow706.txt).

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