Chapter 32: Working in a Document Workspace


In this chapter you will learn to:

  • Create a document workspace and manage workspace members .

  • Create and assign document tasks .

  • Update a document in a workspace.

  • Receive alerts when information in a workspace changes.

  • Start a discussion in a workspace.

  • Customize a document workspace.

Business documents are often created by several people working together. But that process can be difficult when you have to shuttle the file from one person to the next and then combine everyone s input. You might end up with multiple versions of the document, and communication can break down.

 New in Office 2003 ”Document workspace    A document workspace is a new feature in The Microsoft Office System 2003 that makes collaborating on Office documents much easier. A document workspace is a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site that contains your Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, or Microsoft Visio files, making them available to the people working on the document, called members, you specify.

With a document workspace, each member can edit the document directly in the workspace, or they can work on a local copy and synchronize their changes with the workspace periodically.

Because the document workspace is a SharePoint Web site, it includes several useful SharePoint features. You can define tasks and post announcements related to your document. You can also hold online conversations by using SharePoint s discussion board.

Creating, configuring, and working in a document workspace is simple. You can use your Web browser to access the SharePoint site or can you access the workspace through the Office application in which the document was created.

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