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image Share information regardless of its location This concept is supported through new transportable tablespace features, Oracle Streams (e.g., Replication), external tables, and distributed SQL queries.

image Schedule resources across the Grid The new features of the Oracle scheduler and the Oracle Database Resource Manager help the DBA to effectively take better advantage of the Grid.

The Grid may not be 100 percent there with Oracle Database 10g, but it's certainly a start. Oracle Database 10g is full of new features that more fully align it with the concepts of the Grid. In this book, we will look at these new features, and a number of other new features that make Oracle Database 10 g an interesting upgrade indeed!

Upgrading to Oracle Database 10g

Oracle Database 10g provides a fairly easy upgrade path for users of older Oracle Database versions. The following versions can directly be upgraded to Oracle Database 10g:

image Oracle Database 8.0.6

image Oracle Database 8.1.7

image Oracle Database 9.0.1

image Oracle Database 9.2

If your database version is not in the preceding list, then you must first upgrade to one of these versions, after which you can upgrade to Oracle Database 10g.

After you are at a supported upgrade level, you can upgrade to Oracle Database 10g by using any one of the following four upgrade options:

image Use the Oracle Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA). (This was called the Oracle Data Migration Assistant previously.)

image Perform a manual upgrade.

image Use exp/imp to copy the data in your database to a new Oracle Database 10g database.

image Use the SQL*Plus copy command or the create table as select command to copy the data from your current database to your new Oracle Database 10g database.


Oracle Database 10g New Features
Oracle Database 10g New Features (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)
ISBN: 0072229470
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Year: 2006
Pages: 80

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