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abstract cipher function classes, ElGamal algorithm 
abstract classes
    ElGamal algorithm 
    hashing algorithms 
access modifiers, C# and Visual Basic 
access tokens, Windows security 
activation records 
AddFullTrustAssembly method 
AddNamedPermissionSet method 
Adler32 algorithm 
administration, shared assemblies and 
algorithm classes, cryptographic key creation 
algorithms  [See also cipher functions]
        security of 
    asymmetric encryption 
        abstract cipher function class definition 
        abstract class definition 
        BigInteger class 
        decryption class definition 
        encryption and decryption functions 
        encryption class definition 
        implementation class definition 
        key generation protocol 
    ElGamal, testing 
    .NET Framework, symmetric encryption 
        encrypted data creation 
        key length 
    signing algorithm, XMLDSIG 
        cipher modes 
        Key and IV properties 
        KeySize and BlockSize properties 
    symmetric algorithms, cryptographic keys 
    XTEA (Extended Tiny Encryption Algorithm)  2nd 
        abstract class definition 
        ICryptoTramsform interface 
        implementation class definition 
    XTEAMAnagedDecryptor class 
    XTEAMAnagedEncryptor class 
AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute 
Anakrino/Exemplar decompiler 
anonymous access, IIS authentication 
APIs (application programming interfaces), Windows Crypto API 
AppDomain class, evidence 
application domain policy level 
application domains
    application isolation and 
    assembly loading, evidence 
    assembly management and 
    CAS and 
    CLR and 
    evidence assigning 
    identity and 
    isolated storage 
    isolated storage and 
    Publisher evidence 
    restricted resources, trust levels and 
    runtime security and 
    security policy and 
application isolation
    applications domains and 
    .NET Framework 
Application log (ELS) 
application proxies, COM+ 
application resources (assemblies) 
application roles (COM+), populating 
application types (COM+), specifying 
ApplicationAccessControl attribute (COM+) 
ApplicationDirectory class 
    COM+ types 
    secure applications  [See secure applications]
    security testing 
architect (roles) 
        Forms authentication 
        impersonation and 
        Passport authentication 
        protected page 
        turning off 
        file authorization 
        URL authorization 
    CAS and 
    CLR and 
        <location\\> element 
        logon page 
        security-related elements 
    security, overview 
    Web.config file 
    worker processes 
        <processModel\\> element 
    application domain and 
    application domain policies, programming considerations 
    Author assembly, trust 
    AuthorMembershipCondition example 
        GAC and 
        single file 
    declarative security statements, Permissions View tool 
    delayed signing support 
        assigning to 
        embedding in assemblies 
    fully trusted 
        deleting from list 
        .NET Framework Configuration tool and 
        programming considerations 
    fully trusted assemblies 
    GAC (Global Assembly Cache) 
        installing into 
        uninstalling from 
    identity, evidence and 
    isolated storage and 
    loading, evidence 
    minimum permission requests 
    multi-file, distributing 
    optional permission requests 
    policy resolution 
    private compared to shared 
    publisher certificates 
    refusing requests 
    scope attributes 
    strong named, serviced components (COM+) and 
    strong names 
        specifying key pairs 
        version and culture metadata 
    type-safe code 
Assembly class, evidence 
assembly evidence  2nd 
Assembly Linker tool 
assembly manifest 
AssemblyCulture attribute 
AssemblyDelaySign attribute 
assemblyEvidence argument, Evidence class 
AssemblyKeyFile attribute  2nd 
AssemblyKeyName attribute 
AssemblyVersion attribute 
Assert operations, security demands and 
asymmetric algorithms
    signature function 
    verification function 
asymmetric encryption  2nd 
    algorithm security 
    decrypting data 
    digital signatures 
    ElGamal algorithm 
    encrypted data creation 
        data padding 
    keys, creating 
AsymmetricAlgorithm class  2nd 
    digital signatures 
    key-related properties 
    properties and methods 
AsymmetricExchangeDeformatter class 
AsymmetricExchangeFormatter class 
AsymmetricSignatureDeformatter class 
AsymmetricSignatureFormatter class 
attribute classes
    ApplicationAccessControl (COM+) 
    assembly scope 
    code group, policy resolution 
    ComponentAccessControl (COM+) 
    declarative security statements 
    SecureMethod (COM+) 
    security policy code groups 
    SecurityRole (COM+) 
AttributeUsage attribute 
        Forms authentication 
        impersonation and 
        Passport authentication 
        turning off 
    COM+ process-access security (PAS) 
        anonymous access 
        basic authentication 
        client certificate authentication 
        digest authentication 
        impersonation and 
        integrated Windows authentication 
        mode configuration 
    RBS and 
Authentication Methods window, Internet Service Manager 
Author assembly, trust 
Author evidence class  2nd 
authority, RBS 
        file authorization 
        URL authorization 
    RBS and 
<authorization\\> element 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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