System.Security.Cryptography (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class CspParameters { // Public Constructors    public CspParameters(  );    public CspParameters(int dwTypeIn);    public CspParameters(int dwTypeIn, string strProviderNameIn);    public CspParameters(int dwTypeIn, string strProviderNameIn, string strContainerNameIn); // Public Instance Fields    public string KeyContainerName;    public int KeyNumber;    public string ProviderName;    public int ProviderType; // Public Instance Properties    public CspProviderFlags Flags{set; get; } }

The asymmetric algorithm implementation classes that are wrappers around the Windows Crypto API (RSACryptoServiceProvider and DSACryptoServiceProvider) are able to read and write key parameters from the persistent Windows key stores. This class can be used as an argument to the implementation class constructors in order to specify the details of which key store should be used.

Passed To

DSACryptoServiceProvider.DSACryptoServiceProvider( ), PasswordDeriveBytes.PasswordDeriveBytes( ), RNGCryptoServiceProvider.RNGCryptoServiceProvider( ), RSACryptoServiceProvider.RSACryptoServiceProvider( )

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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Year: 2005
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