"The web is about connecting people to computers through browsers to information. Two new waves will surpass the web: an executable Internet (applications) that greatly improves the online experience, and an extended Internet that connects the real world."

Forrestor Research

Growth in devices (smart phones, PDAs, gaming consoles, and other mobile and embedded devices) is expected to outstrip desktop growth by 2004.

These devices will be connected to the Internet and sufficiently powerful for Flash Player. And in many cases, these devices will be marketed in contexts where Flash's strengths in design, media, and applications will inevitably make them powerful contenders.

The next wave on the Internet will feature rich applications with responsive user experiences. This wave will include both in-browser and out-of-browser applications.

As a Flash developer, these new challenges present you with the opportunity to bring the web to this next wave.

As Flash improves users' experiences and provides rich applications on the Internet and devices, the need for more Flash developers increases; as a developer, you can have a positive effect on the Internet and devices. You now have the information at hand to create content for Flash-enabled devices.

Troy Evans

February 2002

Troy Evans is currently the Macromedia Flash Player Product Manager and has served as Product Manager since 1999.

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Macromedia Flash Enabled. Flash Design and Development for Devices
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