Extensions and Fonts

Third-party extensions might include components, plug-ins, behaviors, and commands. The following websites offer free extensions for the community. See the following section on Macromedia links for extensions available on the Macromedia website. At the time of writing, there were not many tools online making use of the extensibility layer in Flash. Go to www.TrainingFromTheSource.com/resources for the latest links available.


Remember that the extensions you find in these sites might not be compatible with the components found in Flash 8. If the components you download are built using ActionScript 1.0 (for Flash MX), they might not work with the ActionScript or components you use in your Flash sites.

Flash Component.com: www.flashcomponent.com

This is a great exchange site for Flash components. The components here are free, and you can provide or read feedback on each one. At the time of writing, content available was for Flash MX and MX 2004.

Flash Components.net: www.flashcomponents.net

You can download free components from this site. You can preview components and use the tutorials on the site describing how to build and use components in Flash. At the time of writing, available content was for Flash MX 2004.

Ghostwire component set: www.ghostwire.com

An excellent set of version 1 components that serve as an alternative to the default set of components that come with Flash. Lightweight and extremely useful, these components are currently compatible with Flash MX and MX2004, and will work within Flash 8 as well.

Flash DB Components: www.flash-db.com/Components

Component libraries available for download.

Flash Components.com: www.flashcomponents.com

A subscription-based service. A monthly fee allows you to download components from this site.

Miniml: www.miniml.com

Long-time, respected source for pixel fonts.

Fonts for Flash: www.fontsforflash.com

Many interesting and unique pixel fonts are available from this source.

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