Web Marketing Project Management

by Donald Emerick, Kimberlee Round

Prentice Hall PTR, - January 24, 2000

Get the expert's view on marketing and communications for the Web. Learn insiders' tips for developing and implementing a business plan that works in the online community, then follow through by learning how to build a great project team and manage clients, workers, and technology to achieve your goals.

With this interactive workbook, you'll be creating your own real outline as you work through the case studies, exercises, and labs that underscore the reading in each section. By the time you're through, you will have a complete work plan to refer to as you manage your next project.

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Managementgives you the skills to:

  • Turn your creative vision into a marketing strategy and find the technology to support it
  • Reach the clients that are right for your business
  • Develop your plans into reality
  • Manage the project, the team, and the client
  • Get to the product launch-and through it
  • Understand the special legal issues surrounding Internet communications

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Managementis great for hands-on classroom use, self-paced study toward certification, or just as a practical guide for anyone who wants to do business on the Worldwide Web.

About the Authors

Donny Emerick is a communications expert who has applied his oral and written communications skills in a number of fields. Literally growing up in the Business-to-Business Direct Marketing field, he has worked in the private and nonprofit sectors in high-tech marketing, education, and environmental activism, always talking, writing, and doing.

Graduating with a degree in Journalism in 1991, he started out writing news for a local daily newspaper on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Later that year the call of the West beckoned and he relocated to the San Francisco Bay area. He consulted with Digital Equipment Corporation, facilitating lead generation marketing campaigns with technology partners and value-added re-sellers (VARs). He then organized consumers against tropical rainforest destruction and University of California students against tuition increases and social injustices.

After a brief stint in political campaigns, he returned the East Coast in 1994 to help start Receptive Marketing Inc., a Web marketing company, and the Netplaza, a shopping portal. (This was before, when they were called Internet malls.) Since most business development involved explaining the Internet and its uses in business communication, a natural shift moved Donny to training marketers in this field.

He then spent two years on the national seminar circuits as author and trainer of Marketing on the Internet, produced by Data-tech Inc. He realized another personal goal by joining the staff of Greenpeace U.S. and traveling extensively in support of campaign and fund-raising efforts. He also began teaching for Merrimack College's Professional Education Center and its fledgling Webmaster Program, which he began directing in 1996.

The Merrimack College Webmaster Certification Program was adopted as a training model by the World Organization of Webmasters in early 1997, and Donny assumed the post of Education Coordinator for WOW in the same time frame.

Donny has a Bachelor of Arts in English/Journalism from the University of New Hampshire and has recently begun graduate courses in Business Education at New Hampshire College. His other pursuits include music production, sea kayaking, and alpine skiing. He lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Kimberlee Round is a 1986 graduate of Merrimack College, with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Having spent several years as a project manager in the software development realm, Kim gravitated toward the Web from its earliest inception. The merging of creative ideas with technical skill held a fascination for her, and Kim began to build Web sites as a freelance developer. This part-time endeavor grew into a full-time business, now called Surf's Up Web Development, Inc. (www.surfsupweb.com), which is located in North Andover, Massachusetts.

In 1998, after having built over forty Web sites, Kim developed a Web project management course for Merrimack College, her alma mater. She counts herself very fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with the students in the Webmaster certification program there.

On the home front, Kim has been happily married to her husband, Bruce, for thirteen years. Together, they have two sons, Christopher and Jeffrey, and a golden retriever named, Murphy. It has been rumored that Murphy truly is the CEO of Surf's Up Web Development, Inc., but this remains unsubstantiated. When not teaching at Merrimack or building Web sites, Kim enjoys her sons' activities, her husband's sense of humor, having tea with her mother, reading, and boating

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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