Exploring the Project Browser

The Project Browser holds your media clips in Racks. A Rack is a virtual hook on which you hang your films, music clips, graphics, and titles. You can define as many Racks as you want, and you can even put these into a folder if you want to organize things further.

To create Racks and Folders


Click the Open Project Browser button and you will see your Racks in the left window and any media you have displayed in the right window (Figure 1.55).

Figure 1.55. The Project Browser with Racks and Folders on the left and the media clips on the right.


To create a new Rack, simply right-click the mouse inside the left window of the Project Browser and choose New Rack from the drop-down menu (Figure 1.56).

Figure 1.56. Creating a new Rack.


To create a Folder, right-click in the left window of the Project Browser and select New Rack Folder from the drop-down menu (Figure 1.57).

Figure 1.57. Creating a new Rack Folder.


Name your Racks and Folders. The default is always New Rack or New Rack Folder. If you make a typing mistake, just click the actual name and it will become highlighted so that you can change it (Figure 1.58).

Figure 1.58. Renaming a Rack or Folder by simply clicking the name.


  • Racks can be dragged into folders in exactly the same way that files can be dragged around in the Windows environment. Using this method, it is easy to organize your media clips into this tidy easy-to-access workflow center (Figure 1.59).

    Figure 1.59. The Project folder organized into well-named Folders and Racks. Media clips displayed in Picon View.

  • If the Create Folder option is grayed out, make sure you are clicking inside a Folder and not inside a Rack.

Premiere Translation

Racks are known to Adobe Premier users as Bins. Although the name is different, they function nearly the same way.

Using alternate Project Browser settings

By clicking the line that separates the left and right windows of the Project Browser (Figure 1.60) you can access another range of settings (Figure 1.61).

Figure 1.60. Click in the middle of the Project Browser…

Figure 1.61. … to bring up another range of settings to adjust the angle of the browser.

Clicking each one in turn will allow you to experiment (Figure 1.62), but to return to the default, check the Racks Left option.

Figure 1.62. The Project Browser with Racks on top, media clips below.

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Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows
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