Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating the interface using buttons is one way of doing it, but many users find keyboard shortcuts to be much faster.

The list of shortcuts supported by Liquid Edition is formidable, but it doesn't stop there. Liquid Edition also allows all keyboard shortcuts to be customized, not only globally to support a keyboard shortcut across every interface, but also individually for each separate interface. This is particularly useful for avoiding the Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+A type of scenario that leaves most users with fingers as twisted as their nerves.

To create a keyboard shortcut


Select Edit > Control Panel (Figure 1.50).

Figure 1.50. Opening the Control Panel in the drop-down menu.


If it is not already selected, click the User tab (Figure 1.51).

Figure 1.51. The Control Panel with the User tab displayed.


Double-click the Keyboard Properties button to bring up the Keyboard Properties interface.


Click the Customize keyboard icon to display the full interface (Figure 1.52).

Figure 1.52. The Keyboard Properties interface showing the command section on the right


If you want to add a global shortcut, make sure the Global Shortcuts active box is checked. If you want to add a tool to a specific tool and no other, make sure this box is not checked.


Drag any button from the right area over to the key to which you want it assigned (Figure 1.53).

Figure 1.53. Dragging and dropping a button from the right area to the left to assign it to a key.


To delete a shortcut, right-click any shortcut and select delete (Figure 1.54).

Figure 1.54. Delete by right-clicking and selecting delete.


To exit this interface, do one of the following:

  • Save your changes and close the tool by clicking the check mark.

  • Click the "X" to close the tool without saving any changes you have made.


  • Clicking the button will restore the keyboard settings to the installation default. Although you will lose all your customizations, it is sometime useful to do this if you have made a mess of the keyboard mapping.

Classic Interface

Users of the Classic interface gain access to the Control Panel by clicking the Start button, moving the mouse up, and clicking once on the Control Panel icon.

After that, each operation is identical to those descriptions given in this chapter.

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