CustomizingLiquid Edition

Liquid Edition is open to customization in pretty much all areas of the interface; in fact, it only takes a few mouse clicks to alter the interface to whatever style of workflow you are comfortable with.

Most users will want to customize one of four areas:

  • The Timeline control buttons

  • The keyboard shortcuts

  • The Project Browser

  • The Timeline tracks

To customize the buttons


Right-click any blank space within the Button Control bar to bring up a selection menu (Figure 1.45) and then choose Customize.

Figure 1.45. Right-clicking in any blank space between the buttons brings up the Customize option.

A small window with five tabs appears. The default tab houses the Player controls, but there are four other tabs to explore (Figure 1.46). Each tab contains a selection of buttons, many of which already exist on the Timeline.

Figure 1.46. The Player Controls that can be added to the Timeline.


Roll the mouse over the icons and a tool tip pops up and gives a brief description of each.


Buttons can be dragged and dropped from any of these tabs directly to the Timeline toolbar (Figure 1.47).

Figure 1.47. Here the Build Container button is dragged from the Edit tab to the Timeline next to the Logging tool.


  • When you drag a new button to the Timeline, the other buttons will shuffle to the right and perhaps disappear from sight. To get them back, simply remove the blank spacer icons by dragging one anywhere off the interface and dropping it (Figure 1.48).

    Figure 1.48. Make room for more buttons by dragging the spacers off the toolbar and dropping them anywhere on the interface.

  • If you see fewer than five tabs, you are clicking the interface directly below the Source window. This brings up a three-tabbed window (Figure 1.49).

    Figure 1.49. The Source Viewer has fewer options available than the Master/Timeline Viewer.

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