Adding a Preset Hollywood FX Transition

You add HFX preset transitions the same way as normal transitions; you just need to drag them from a different folder. The rules of handles and overlapping clips still apply, as does your ability to add an HFX transition to any video clip on any track, including titles and graphics.

To add a preset Hollywood FX transition


With two clips on the Timeline, click the Lib tab in the Project Browser and open the Realtime Transition FX Folder.

Contained within this folder is the Specials subfolder, which holds the various preset Hollywood FX transitions (Figure 8.74). If you want to view this folder in its entirety, press Shift+F3 to switch over to Storyboard view.

Figure 8.74. HFX presets in the Specials folder.


Click through each of these Racks until you find the transition you're looking for. Drag it over to the Timeline and drop it where the two clips meet.

HFX Presets are real-time, so once you drop it onto the Timeline, you can immediately scrub or play it back to view the effect at work.


  • Switching to Picon View can make it easier to see what each of the preset transitions do to your clips.

  • HFX transitions don't stack on top of each other. Dragging a preset transition on top of another erases the one underneath.

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