Chapter 4. Adding AJAX to Your Web Development Process

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4.1 Changes to the Development Cycle

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4.2 Integrating AJAX into a Framework

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4.3 JavaScript as a Primary Development Language

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4.4 Problems Created by the New Development Paradigm

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4.5 Advantages to Using a Library

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4.6 Reasons to Build Your Own Library

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4.7 How Open Source Fits into the Mix

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4.8 Use Case for Building: The Firefox Counter

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4.9 Use Case for Downloading: An Intranet Web Site

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4.10 Summary

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AJAX is not really a new technology, but because it involves new skills and ideas in creating Web pages, it introduces many new difficulties for Web, developers. There are three basic sets of problems:

  • Technical aspects of implementing AJAX (covered in Chapters 2, "Getting Started," and 3, "Consuming the Sent Data")

  • Overall problems that are a result of the nature of AJAX as a whole

  • Deciding how to integrate a new set of third-party tools

This chapter covers the second and third problems. We'll first explore the changes AJAX brings to the development cycle and then cover what changes using JavaScript as a primary development language brings. Then we will look at how AJAX libraries fit into the overall development process and how you should decide which one to use, or even when the best solution is to build your own.

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