Conclusion and Words of Advice

This chapter discusses the basic operations provided by each of our APIs for handling various aspects of interacting with the MySQL server. These operations allow you to write programs that issue any kind of query and retrieve the results. Up to this point, we've used simple queries because the focus is on the APIs rather than on SQL. The next chapter focuses on SQL instead, to show how to ask the database server more complex questions.

Before you proceed, it would be a good idea to reset the profile table used in this chapter to a known state. Several queries in later chapters use this table; by reinitializing it, you'll get the same results displayed in those chapters when you run the queries shown there. To reset the table, change location into the tables directory of the recipes distribution and run the following commands:

% mysql cookbook < profile.sql
% mysql cookbook < profile2.sql

Using the mysql Client Program

Writing MySQL-Based Programs

Record Selection Techniques

Working with Strings

Working with Dates and Times

Sorting Query Results

Generating Summaries

Modifying Tables with ALTER TABLE

Obtaining and Using Metadata

Importing and Exporting Data

Generating and Using Sequences

Using Multiple Tables

Statistical Techniques

Handling Duplicates

Performing Transactions

Introduction to MySQL on the Web

Incorporating Query Resultsinto Web Pages

Processing Web Input with MySQL

Using MySQL-Based Web Session Management

Appendix A. Obtaining MySQL Software

Appendix B. JSP and Tomcat Primer

Appendix C. References

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