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oracle9i dba jumpstart
Oracle9i DBA JumpStart
by Bob Bryla ISBN:0782141897
Sybex 2003 (347 pages)

Get up to speed for Oracle9i Administration Training Courses--Fast!

Table of Contents
Oracle9i DBA JumpStart
Chapter 1- Relational Database Concepts
Chapter 2- SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus Basics
Chapter 3- Oracle Database Functions
Chapter 4- Restricting, Sorting, and Grouping Data
Chapter 5- Using Multiple Tables
Chapter 6- Advanced SQL Queries
Chapter 7- Logical Consistency
Chapter 8- Installing Oracle and Creating a Database
Chapter 9- Reporting Techniques
Chapter 10- Creating and Maintaining Database Objects
Chapter 11- Users and Security
Chapter 12- Making Things Run Fast (Enough)
Chapter 13- Saving Your Stuff (Backups)
Chapter 14- Troubleshooting
Appendix A- Answers to Review Questions
Appendix B- Glossary
Appendix C- Common Database Platforms
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Oracle9i DBA JumpStart
Oracle9i DBA JumpStart
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