Recipe 3.4 Logging a Proxied Client s IP Address

Recipe 3.4 Logging a Proxied Client's IP Address


You want to log the IP address of the actual client requesting your pages, even if they're being requested through a proxy.




Unfortunately, the HTTP protocol itself prevents this from being possible. From the client side, proxies are intended to be completely transparent; from the side of the origin server, where the content actually resides, they are meant to be almost utterly opaque, concealing the identity of a request.

Your best option is to log the IP address from which the request came. If it came directly from a browser, it will be the client's address; if it came through one or more proxy servers, it will be the address of the one that actually contacts your server.

Both the combined and common log formats include the %h format effector, which represents the (remote) client's identity. However, this may be a hostname rather than an address, depending on the setting of your HostNameLookups directive, among other things. If you always want the client's IP address to be included in your logfile, use the %a effector instead.

See Also

  • The HTTP protocol specification at

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