Chapter 7. Let Your Laptop Entertain You: Streaming Media, Gaming, and More


  • Downloading and playing music

  • Downloading and playing movies

  • Connecting to home entertainment systems

  • Online gaming

If you've ever been boredor ever find life too quietthis chapter is for you. There's literally no end to the way your mobile computer can entertain you.

It's no secret today that you can use musical appliances such as the iPod to download and play your favorite music wherever you are. You can use your wireless laptop in the same way, and this chapter shows you how.

You can also use your mobile computer to play movies wherever you are. It's a great way to pass the time while waiting in an airport or on a crowded plane.

If the quality of picture or sound that you get from your mobile computer isn't good enough for youand this will vary, of course, depending on your laptop and your personal tastesyou can play music and movies from your laptop to home entertainment appliances. In this chapter, I'll show you how.

A whole lot of online games exist that you can play with your wireless computerfor example, while connected to a public hotspot. I can't, of course, show you the whole universe of online gaming, but in this chapter, I'll point you to some of the best sites.

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