Here are the key points to remember from this chapter:


If you are serious about finding a stranger to speak with using Skype, you probably should check the Search for people who are in "'Skype Me' mode," shown in Figure 6.15. Skype users who have this option turned on are affirmatively inviting calls.

  • Internet telephonyor VoIPhas become good enough so that you can viably use it for you phone calls.

  • You'll need a microphone to place calls with your mobile computer.

  • Although you can use the speakers built in to your mobile computer, your VoIP experience will definitely be happier if you purchase a headset.

  • There are a number of competing VoIP software and service providers.

  • It's free to download VoIP software.

  • Telephone calls are inexpensive using VoIP.

  • It's free to use VoIP to contact other users of the same VoIP software, and some VoIP vendors, such as Skype, are making an effort to foster a community of users.

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