Chapter 15: Web and Load Testing


In the previous chapter, you saw that Visual Studio 2005 Team System includes many features for the creation and execution of unit tests. In this chapter, we continue our coverage of the testing features of Team System by describing web and load tests.

With web testing, you can easily build a suite of repeatable tests that ensure your web application functions as expected. Team System enables you to easily create a web test by recording your actions as you use your web application. In this chapter, you will learn how to create, edit, and run web tests, and how to execute and analyze the results.


Please note that web and load testing are available only in Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers.

Sometimes you need more flexibility than a recorded web test can offer. You will learn how to use coded web tests to create flexible and powerful web tests using any .NET language and leveraging the web testing framework.

Verifying that an application is ready for production involves additional analysis. How will your application behave when (it is hoped that) many people begin using it? The load testing features of Team System for Software Testers enable you to execute one or more tests repeatedly, tracking the performance of the target system. You will learn how to create a load test using the Load Test Wizard and how to use the information Team System collects to identify problems before your users do.

Finally, because a single machine may not be able to generate enough load to simulate the number of users your application will have in production, you'll learn how to configure your environment to run distributed load tests. A distributed load test enables you to spread the work of creating user load across multiple machines, called agents. Details from each agent are collected by a controller machine, enabling you to see the overall performance of your application under stress.

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