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Regardless of your level of experience with 3D, it's important to understand the logic behind incorporating a 3D element into a Flash movie. Flash ”in its current incarnation ”is a 2D authoring environment and is not intended for displaying 3D animations. To take advantage of the unique look of 3D, one must maximize the production metaphor that Flash provides, namely flat, two-dimensional frames .

To make things easier, we break down our production into two general processes. The first is to design a 3D object or element in a way that focuses on refinement and optimization (with minimal geometry for faster processing and quicker download). To do this, you'll need an external 3D modeler such as Adobe Dimensions, FormZ by auto.des.sys, or 3D Studio MAX by Kinetix. Once the model is ready, the next step is to import it into Flash, where it is then animated and brought to life.

Flash Web Design The Art Of Motion Graphics
Flash Web Design oder: the art of motion graphics
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