This book contains deconstructions of several successful, real-world Flash animations and interfaces. These are files that have all been successful on the web; paid for by clients , often awarded honors. The designers have confronted and solved the type of challenges you will encounter as a Flash designer. I chose these eight files, out of the many we have designed at my shop, because they reveal most clearly the techniques that I think are crucial to becoming a successful Flash motion graphic designer.

  • Chapter 2, "Deconstruction: Macromedia Shockzone," describes a Flash animation that has run on the Macromedia site for more than two years a file that illustrates the foundation upon which I base all of my text effect animation.

  • In Chapter 3, "Deconstruction: 20k Advertisement," I deconstruct an ad spot to reveal how we create immersive rich media animations with audio for the web under 20k.

  • Chapter 4, "Deconstruction: Navigation," explores our own navigation page, with its multi-state rollovers and video-like effects.

  • In Chapter 5, "Deconstruction: 3D Wireframe," we focus on a spot where we get deep with 3D techniques and considerations.

  • Chapter 6, "Deconstruction: Video into Vectors." You may have noticed this technique around the web. We take video and vectorize it, so we keep the natural movement of video and get the light file size and scalability of vectors. Very cool.

  • Chapter 7, "Deconstruction: Christina Manning Poem," describes audio streaming as used in the MP3-driven Sky, designed to inspire as well as perform.

  • I call on the programming expertise of Fred Sharples of OrangeDesign in Chapter 8, "Deconstruction: ManiFestival Site," to illustrate the foundations of smart Flash programming in a rich media site.

  • I also include Chapter 9, "Deconstruction: Juxt Interactive," by Todd Purgason of Juxt Interactive, which is devoted to the unique process Todd has developed for designing for, selling to, and winning clients.

Although the book is filled with Flash tips and techniques, and includes procedures for Macromedia FreeHand 8, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Dimensions, Adobe AfterEffects, Macromedia SoundEdit 16, SoundForge, and form Z, there is a consistent focus on design. Every chapter begins with "the thought behind the design," through which I deconstruct and reveal the concept, the design vision, and the process I used to realize success.

I am a designer first ”that's my passion. I have a deep respect for the power of motion graphics as a tool for communication. If you can come away from this book with an understanding of how you can use Flash and the design process to communicate clearly, creatively, and with impact, I will have achieved my purpose here.

Flash Web Design The Art Of Motion Graphics
Flash Web Design oder: the art of motion graphics
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