STEP 05 encoding MP3 audio IN FLASH

Having decided that I would target the voiceover as the most important element of this spot, I imported it into Flash first. That way I would have the voiceover to design to. When bringing sound into FlashMP3 or otherwise there's no need to create a symbol first. The Import command automatically recognizes the file type as a sound and inserts the file in the Library with an appropriate icon. You do, however, need to specify the Export type to enable MP3 encoding.

To import a sound and set it to MP3, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File > Import and select the desired .wav or .aif file.

  2. Open the Library window and select the imported audio file.

  3. Select the Properties button at the bottom of the Library window (see figure 07:08).

    Figure 07:08.


  4. From the Compression drop-down list, choose MP3.

    The MP3 settings (Preprocessing, Bit Rate, and Quality) are activated.

  5. Select the desired Bit Rate and Quality from the drop-down lists (see figure 07:09).

    Figure 07:09.


    You'll need to do a fair amount of testing to determine the best combination of bit rate and quality that still gives you a decent file size. For the example file, I found I could go to a bit rate of 32Kbps and Best quality. Under other circumstances, the high file size (65k) would normally be a terrifying figure, but I can ignore that because of the effect of streaming.

  6. Convert a stereo clip to mono by enabling the Preprocessing option, if desired. Again, you need to ask yourself whether it's worth extra seconds on the download to have stereo playback. Mono will be a lighter file.

  7. Click OK when you're satisfied with the sound settings.

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