STEP 06 applying global EXPORT SETTINGS

The preceding procedure is used for individual clips, but Flash also has the capability to specify one setting for all clips in a movie. To choose one export setting for all your audio clips, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File > Publish Settings.

  2. In the Flash tab of the Publish Settings dialog, click the Set button next to Audio Stream and then follow the procedure outlined in the previous steps 4 through 6.

    Use Publish Settings to apply global audio encodingbut only if your audio all comes from the same source.

  3. Select the Override Sound Settings option (see figure 07:10). This will allow your publish settings to override any individual compression settings you may have applied to sounds in the library.

    Figure 07:10.


In the example file, I can use this feature because all my audio comes from the same master source, Christina's reading; if, how ever, the movie mixed sound from a variety of sourceseffects, voice-overs, and so onI wouldn't apply the settings globally.

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