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C comments:
       processing with split;  
C function:
       calling from Perl;   2nd  
C programming:
       Perl XSUBs  
C struct:
       emulating   2nd  
call by reference  
Camel book:   [See also Programming Perl[Camel book:a]]
Camel book;  
case-changing escape sequences  
catman command:
       updating whatis database with  
CGI script:
       here doc strings in  
       network programming for  
        taint checking in;  
       tranferring modules to PAUSE with;  
       URI unescaping in  
       using -t in  
       variable interpolation in  
Changes file:
       updating for newly-created module;  
child process:
circular reference   2nd  
circular reference:
       Data::Dumper and  
class.   [See object-oriented programming: class]
Class::Template module  
CLEAR method.   [See under tied hash]
closure   2nd   3rd  
       how created  
       in eval[closure:eval]  
       my operator and   2nd  
       pattern matching with  
       sharing variables  
       vs. eval[closure:eval];  
       vs. object-oriented programming[closure:object-oriented programming]  
cmp operator:
       for string comparisons[cmp operator:string comparisons]   2nd  
       sorting with  
code ref:
       creating with eval  
       dereferencing with arrow operator   2nd  
       returning from subroutine;  
       XSUB section;  
columns :
       processing with unpack  
comma operator:
       => as synonym;  
command line argument variable:
       as a default;  
       in qw;  
       in regular expression;  
comp.lang.perl.modules newsgroup  
comparison operators:
       string vs. numeric  
comparison subroutine.   [See sort subroutine]
compile time:
       global variables created at file:
       modifying when rebuilding Perl  
configuration file:
       loading with do;  
Configure program:
       include path derived from installation prefix;  
       when building Perl[configure program:building Perl]   2nd  
constructor.   [See object-oriented programming: constructor]
       of subroutine return value[context:subroutine return value];  
conversions between strings and numbers   2nd  
count left parentheses rule  
count left parentheses rule:
        alternation and  
counting characters :
       with transliterate operator[counting characters:transliterate operator]  
CPAN module:
       getting modules from the CPAN with  
       interactive mode  
CPAN multiplexer  
       getting debugging and profiling modules from  
       getting modules from;  
       getting version of Perl from  
       module authors in;  
       module following conventions of;  
       submitting modules to;   2nd  
       uploading modules to;  
       URL of favorite site  
crypt operator:
       encrypting password with;  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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