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data munging  
data structures;   2nd  
Data::Dumper module:
       debugging with  
       do and;  
       Dump method  
       dumping contents of variables ;  
       handling persistent data with;  
debugger.   [See Perl debugger]
debugging command line option:
       enabling with -DDEBUGGING  
        peeking under the hood with  
       syntax tree  
       tls option  
       working or not;  
       x option  
debugging switch variable:
       turning debugging on and off;  
debugging version of Perl:
       where to install  
       -D command line option  
       -D command line option;  
       -w and  
       Benchmark module  
       building a debugging version of Perl   2nd   3rd  
       Data::Dumper module  
       Devel::DProf module  
       Devel::Peek module  
       diagnostics module  
       dynamic checks   2nd  
       find out where errors occur   2nd  
       gdb or other source code debugger  
       modules for   2nd  
       overlooking the obvious   2nd  
       Perl debugger as a shell   2nd  
       Perl debugger.   [See Perl debugger[debugging:Perl debugger];]
       print operator  
       programs running in unusual environments  
       stack snapshots;  
       static and run-time checks  
       static checks   2nd  
       strict module  
        taint checking   2nd  
       test code often   2nd  
       too much at once   2nd  
declaring variables  
default arguments   2nd  
default package:
       changing with package  
default variable, the   2nd  
default variable, the:
       aid to obfuscation  
       alias for current element in map  
       avoid changing inside map  
       main package and  
defined operator:
       distinguishing undef from 0 and ''   2nd  
DELETE method.   [See under tied hash]
delete operator:
       on hash slice[delete operator:hash slice]  
       removing elements from a hash with  
delimiter retention mode  
        backreferences and  
       matchable, quoted string  
       regular expression greed and  
dereferencing syntax:
       arrow operator  
       scalar variable  
deriving one class from another.   [See object-oriented programming: inheritance]
DESTROY method:   [See object-oriented programming: destructor;]2nd   [See under tied hash]
       a reference[destroying:reference];  
       an object explicitly[destroying:object explicitly]  
       blessed object  
destructor.   [See object-oriented programming: destructor]
deterministic finite automaton;  
Devel::DProf module:
       profiling code with;  
Devel::Peek module:
       debugging with;  
       internal structure of a value  
DFA   2nd  
diagnostics module:
       verbose messages with;  
diamond operator:
       in substitution[diamond operator:substitution];  
directory handle:
       recognized in context  
directory tree:
       traversing with File::Find  
DirHandle module:
       introduced with references  
       passing dirhandle with;  
        replaced by IO  
       localizing with typeglob  
       passing with DirHandle  
       passing with IO::Dir  
       passing with ioref  
       passing with typeglob;  
do { } while loop  
do operator:
       block form  
       Data::Dumper and  
       file form  
       how and when to use   2nd  
       in Perl debugger;  
       loading configuration file with  
       for a single Perl function  
       perldoc program and;  
       perldoc searches for  
       replacing stub in newly-created module;  
double-quote interpolation.   [See See variable interpolation]
double-quoted string  
double-quoted string:
       variable interpolation in;  
dprofpp program:
       part of Devel::DProf module  
duct tape of the Internet  
duplicate characters :
       removing with transliterate operator  
dynamic loading:
       XS module;  

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Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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