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eliminating duplicates from  
eliminating duplicates from a list;
embedded documentation;  
empty list:
       as argument to use[empty list:argument to use];  
       creating an empty array  
       creating an empty hash  
       value of uninitialized array;  
END block:
       executed as program terminates  
end of line:
       matching at  
English module  
escape sequences:
       in double-quoted string  
eval block:
       making copy of list with  
eval error variable:
       eval errors returned in;  
eval operator:
       as an enclosing scope[eval operator:enclosing scope]  
       block form  
       closure in;  
       compared with require  
       creating code refs with;  
       Data::Dumper and  
       do operator and  
       exception handling with;   2nd  
       generating class boilerplate with;  
       how and when to use;   2nd  
       quoting source code for;  
       result is last expression evaluated  
       run-time compilation with  
       signal handler and;  
       string form   2nd  
       vs. closures[eval operator:closures]  
       bullets in  
       formatting of  
       keyboard input in  
exception handling:
       with eval[exception handling:eval]   2nd  
excessive punctuation:
       avoiding;   2nd  
exec operator:
       eval and  
EXISTS method.   [See under tied hash]
exists operator  
Exporter module:
       subclassing   2nd  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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