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FETCH method.   [See under tied hash]
file test operators   2nd  
file test operators:
       -M (modification time):
               sorting by;  
       -t (isatty):
               STDIN as a default;  
       using _ with  
       vs. stat operator[file test operators:stat operator]  
       compiling at run-time with require  
File::Basename module  
File::Find module:
       traversing directory tree with;  
FileHandle module:
       autoflush method  
       in network programming example[filehandle module:network programming example]  
       introduced with references;  
       passing filehandle with;  
       localizing with typeglob;  
       passing by reference to typeglob;  
       passing with FileHandle  
       passing with IO::File  
       passing with typeglob   2nd  
       recognized in context  
FIRSTKEY method.   [See under tied hash]
flex   2nd  
for keyword:
       instead of foreach  
foreach loop:
       @_ and  
       iterating read-only over a list  
       modifying elements of a list  
       slicing with  
       vs. grep  
format name :
       recognized in context  
Frenkel, Chaim  
Friedl, Jeffrey   2nd  
function pointer.   [See code ref]
function pointer:
       in magic variable[function pointer:magic variable]  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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