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baby talk  
backreferences :
       memory-free parentheses don't create  
       in regular expression;  
        preceding prototype atom  
       in regular expression;  
       in regular expression[backtracking:regular expression];  
backwards conditional.   [See statement modifier]
       appearing to left of >  
       potential source of errors  
       prefixed with minus sign  
BEGIN block:
       altering compile-time semantics with  
       changing @INC in;  
       creating static variables with;  
       executing code immediately after compiled  
       initializing with   2nd  
       inside subroutine or other code[begin block:subroutine or other code];  
       list operators and  
       require and  
Benchmark module:
       on XS module[Benchmark module:XS module]  
       regular expressions[Benchmark:regular expressions];  
       timing code with  
       timing code with;  
binary data:
       pack and unpack  
bind operator:
       fails in TIME_WAIT  
bitwise numeric operators:
       on numbers vs. strings[bitwise numeric operators: numbers vs. strings]   2nd  
bless operator:
       blesses data into a class;  
       blesses data, not references  
blib module:
       testing module with;   2nd  
        confused with anonymous hash constructor  
       returning a reference  
boilerplate :
       generating with eval  
       generating with h2xs   2nd  
boilerplate:generating with h2xs  
Boolean context  
Boyer-Moore searching:
       in index and match operator  
       identifier alone inside   2nd  
       multiple meanings of  
       plus sign inside  
       subroutine prototypes and  
       in examples[bullets:examples];  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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Year: 1996
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