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address already in use:
       error message  
       creating with symbol table  
       creating with typeglob;  
       elements of @_  
       single kind of variable;  
all-at-once input  
alternation :
       count left parentheses rule and;  
       in regular expression[alternation:regular expression];   2nd   3rd  
       instead of character class[alternation:character class]  
and operator:
       omitting parentheses with  
anonymous array constructor:
       assigning result to array variable;  
       creates reference to unnamed array;  
       forcing list context with;  
       interpolating expressions with;  
       making copy of list with  
       using as subscript[anonymous array constructor:subscript]  
       vs. parentheses[anonymous array constructor:parentheses];  
anonymous hash constructor:
       assigning result to hash variable;  
        confused with block;  
       creates reference to unnamed hash;  
       for temporary result[anonymous hash constructor:temporary result]  
       in object constructor[anonymous hash constructor:object constructor]  
       passing to subroutine;  
anonymous hash:
       passing named parameters in  
       reference to as object  
anonymous subroutine constructor:
       creating code ref with   2nd  
anonymous subroutine.   [See code ref]
argument list variable   2nd  
argument list variable:
       as a default;  
       copying array or hash into  
       elements are aliases  
       inherited from calling subroutine  
       reading arguments from  
array of arrays  
array slice:
       in sorting[array slice:sorting]  
array slice; literal slice[slice:a]  
array variable:
       assigning anonymous array constructor  
       assigning undef to  
       as subroutine argument[array:subroutine argument]  
       associative.   [See hash]
       creating anonymous  
       in PEGS[array:PEGS];  
       localizing element with local;  
       passing by reference  
arrow (equals) operator:
       identifier as left-hand argument   2nd  
       making initializers prettier with;  
arrow (minus) operator:
       dereferencing code ref with;  
       dereferencing with;  
       method call syntax;  
ASCIIbetical sorting  
associative array.   [See hash;]
       prototype.   [See prototype atom]
       regular expression.   [See regular expression atom]
auto-vivification   2nd  
autoflush method:
       FileHandle module;  
autoload path :
       added with use lib;  
autoload subroutine name variable;  
AUTOLOAD subroutine:
       called in place of nonexistent subroutine;  
       DESTROY and  
       UNIVERSAL package and;  
AutoLoader module  

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Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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