Section 37. Use the File Manager

37. Use the File Manager


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Now that you know how to create pages in the PageWizard and the PageBuilder and how to create and modify pages in the HTML Editor in GeoCities , you need to know how to handle your files in the File Manager .

Select the index.html File

In the File Manager , click in the check box to select the file called index.html and click on the Rename button.

Some filenames have special properties on the Web. One of those is index.html (or index.htm on some servers). These index filenames are the page that opens when someone types in your web address without typing a specific filename. In this case, when you type in your address to your site on GeoCitiesfor example,, the actual page that opens is the index page.

Right now, the index.html page that you have on your site is the default page that everyone who creates an account on GeoCities has. This page has the links on it to the tools you have been using in this section. You should save this page, but you really want the page we discuss in Chapter 4 and modify in Chapter 5 to be the index page. If you haven't done these, don't worry; you can complete this step later.

Rename the index.html File

Click on the Rename button. In the New Name box, enter a good filename that is different from index.htm. (I use tools.html ) and click on the Rename Files button.

37. Use the File Manager


What is a good filename? A good filename is one that works on many types of computers. Try to use a consistent case for your filenames; most experts use lowercase letters. Also, avoid using special characters in the filename. Avoid punctuation marks (other than the period), slashes , and spaces. Your computer might have its own special restrictions for filenames, so check the online help. A filename standard that works on most platforms is 8.3, or eight initial letters , one period, and then a three-character extension like jpg that indicates the type of file.

A warning comes up telling you that you don't have an index.html or index.htm page any longer, which is true because you just renamed your index.html page to tools.html . If you were to type in your address for your index page at GeoCities right now, the page wouldn't open .

Rename the Template File

By now, you might have completed earlier chapters and will have a template file available for renaming. If not, you can always revisit this task. In the File Manager, click in the check box to select the file used with technologies like PageBuilder or PageWizard, the topics of Chapters 4 and 5. Mine is called night_vision.html. Click on the Rename button and change the name to index.html.

Now you have an index page again and it will come up when you go to your site instead of the placeholder that used to appear.

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