Section 38. Use the Site Statistics

38. Use the Site Statistics


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After you have your web page in place, GeoCities lets you see how people are accessing each page. You can see how many people are accessing your page, how many have each different screen resolution, how many use each browser, and what days bring in the most visitors . The Stats page in GeoCities even tells you the pages from which visitors come to your page.

Click on the Site Statistics Link for Your Site

The Site Statistics window comes up.

Click on the Stats link for your index.html page in the Site Statistics page.

38. Use the Site Statistics

View the Summary Report

The Summary Report shows you the total views of the page to date. It shows the highest monthly views, what the most popular browser is, what the most common screen resolution is, and what page is linking to your page most. Using these statistics can help you make your page more usable for your viewers .

If you know that your users always use Internet Explorer , you might decide to use the Internet Explorer Page Transitions Add-on to make your pages blend into each other when you link pages in your site. You might decide that you want to make your page fit well on an 800x600 pixel monitor. If most of your visitors have higher screen resolutions , you might want to make your page design larger or with wider text areas.

Click on the Page Views Link

Click on the Page Views link in the left column.

The Page View Report shows you the hits on your pages by day. You can see whether there are a lot of people coming on a particular day and schedule your updates to your site to coincide with high viewer days. You can also use the stats to determine whether there has been a problem with your site that you haven't noticed (if people suddenly stop coming to your site).

At the top of the report, you can select to view the report by hour , day, week , or month .

Click on the Visitor Profile Link

Click on the Visitor Profile link in the left column.

By default, the Visitor Profile Report shows you the operating system breakdown for your visitors. You can also view the report by screen resolution , color depth , browser type , and whether JavaScript is enabled.


Color depth Color depth is how many colors a computer is set to display. Older computers only display 256 colors or fewercalled 8-bit color. If your visitors come to your site and only can view 256 colors but your images use more, they will see images that are grainy or dithered.

Click on the Referrer Link

Click on the Referrer link in the left column.

By default, the Referrer Report shows what web pages people were on just before they went to your page. You can set it to see what search engine people use most often to find your site and see what keywords they use in the search engines to find you.

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