Section 36. Preview and Use the Easy Upload

36. Preview and Use the Easy Upload


6 About Proper HTML Coding

7 Set Up a Web Page's Basic HTML Structure


37 Use the File Manager

The pages you build and the edits you make to existing pages with the HTML Editor are saved directly to your website. The files don't reside on your local machine. However, if you want to add photos to your site or create a page locally, you will need to upload them to your site. With the free version of GeoCities, you can do that right in the File Manager .

You've done a lot of work on the page so far. You have been saving the files either by pressing the Save and Continue button, which keeps the HTML Editor open , or the Save button, which closes the file and returns you to the File Manager . It is important to keep your work saved as you go.

With some of the work done, you need to start interacting with the page as it is going to appear to your viewer. To do that, you should be previewing your file as often as needed.

Preview Your Page from the File Manager

Now it's time to see the results of our work! Find your new file (mine is photos1.html ) in the File Manager and click on the Preview link to view your page.

The page comes up in a browser window. This page is a lot simpler than the ones you might create in PageBuilder and PageWizard (which are covered in other chapters of this book), but you did it with simple HTML code.

Notice that the images might not be the same size. This means that the largest picture sets the size of the cell and the width of the column in which it sits. The text, though, is all lined up in the right column. If you want to fix this, open the page in PageBuilder, select the image, resize it, and then look at the code to see how the HTML has changed.

36. Preview and Use the Easy Upload

2 .
Collect the Files You Are Going to Upload

Get the files you want to upload on your machine.

The free service at GeoCities enables you to upload files, but you will have to select each file one by one. Keep them in one place to make it easy to find the files.

Open the Easy Upload Page

Go back to the File Manager . Click on the Upload Files button at the top of the File Manager .

The Easy Upload page appears. On the left side of the page is a Text area and Browse button for each file you want to upload. Below this is a button that enables you to show more than five upload boxes at one time on the page. Below this are buttons to upload the files or clear the form so you can start again.

Set Capitalization and Filenaming

Below the Upload Files button are two check boxes that are very important. The two things that cause the most problems in building a web page are the names of files not matching the way the files are capitalized in the links, and the use of .htm versus .html . Spelling and capitalization are critical when you are linking to files, so these choices might help you out a lot. I try to name all my files in lowercase with the .html extension so that if I do have a problem with a link not working on my page, I can easily look at the files on the server and see whether any are capitalized. If they are, I have found my problem and don't need to look any further.

Remember, though, that if you change the filenames to lowercase and you have referred to them with uppercase names, the files are not going to link correctly. If you work in all lowercase, you should use all lowercase for filenaming all the time.


.htm or .html ? Both file extensions are fine for the Web. Traditionally, though, web pages are named with the .html extension, and some viewers prefer to see their web pages named that way.

Upload Your Files

Click on the Browse button, select the files you want to add to your site, and click the Upload Files button.

The files you selected are uploaded to your site. If you upgrade to one of the paid services at GeoCities , you can upload whole folders of files rather than having to pick them one by one.

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